Solid silver and gemstone jewellery handmade with love in Gloucestershire UK, personalised by request.

Inspired by natural materials and making them in to unique jewellery.

Silver is a fantastic material to work with, naturally antiseptic properties with a beautiful reflective lustre that find amazing has come from the earth.

I love working with precious metal silver clay to be able to mold and imprint and make in to pure silver. I am sure that Merlin would be amazed at this product had he been transported to the future as an alchemists dream to turn clay to silver!!

Also love working with silver sheet and wire using traditional jewellery techniques and producing an entirely hand made piece of art. Personalisation makes each item I make unique and special.

Copper is also a favourite metal. Enjoy making the ordinary in to the extraordinary and copper allows you to do this easily, changing in to a spectrum of beautiful colours just by applying heat.

The colours and clarity of gemstones are so beautiful and again a natural resource. Flowers of the earth!

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